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Hi,I”d like to give some information about my illness.And ask questions about it.I m 28 years old.I have the same anomaly Ebstein ,but I have already been operated WPW close operation in 2007 succesfully in Russia.I have no such a problem with my health now, have my check up normally , live as other even sometimes better than they are,play football , sometimes run.What do you think will happen with my health as I get older?

Posted by Reshad.


  1. I did a little web search and found a study that tested 120 family members
    of 26 people with Ebsteins Anomaly (EA) and found there wasn’t any with the members of a family both having EA. However, there were a higher incidence of other congenital heart defects, such as a ventricular septal defect.
    As for your future, everyone is different. You probably had a radioablation procedure for the WPW, and this can reoccur. The fact that you’re very active with no problems tells me that you are doing well. If you should start feeling exhausted or short of breath, check back with your cardiologist and occassional checks with an echocardiagram isn’t a bad idea.
    My 31 year old Daughter has EA and recently she is having problems, so if I
    learn anything else, I’d be happy to share.

    Comment by Cindy — May 26, 2011 @ 10:36 am

  2. Hi i am 38 and live in Scotland i have been attending the golden juilee hospital. I have just found out that it is severe ebsteins anomaly. I am in shock as I am healthy and the only thing i have suffered from is palpitations from the age of 16. Does this mean it has always been severe? What will happen next? The only thing I do struggle with tiredness. Can anyone give me some advice? Many Thanks.

    Comment by Christine Punshon — July 21, 2011 @ 6:25 pm

  3. Hi Christine

    Good to have you here on the site. You will note that we have quite a few people on our site who are diagnosed later in life (I think the record here is 82 years old!) but of course this does not make it any less shocking for you (you may like to read Elizabeth’s story). I have no medical knowledge to speak of and do not know your history but I think if you have got to age 38 before being diagnosed then you are unlikely to be severe. Have you been referred to a specialist to assess your case, that would seem the likely next step, presumably though you have already had an echocardiogram to have been diagnosed?

    Do come back to me with more details and meanwhile have a good read of all the comments, most are extremely positive.


    Comment by caroline — July 25, 2011 @ 8:20 am

  4. hi i was diagnosed last year with ebsteins anomaly when i went back in may to get my results from my mri they said it was severe ebsteins anomaly.the doctor is having a meeting with her colleagues to discuss my case to see where we go next.the doctor was shocked that i worked and had three children.i have had the exercise test and they said my heart was strong.i am going back in december to find out what happens you think i will need a operation? many thanks.

    Comment by christine punshon — July 25, 2011 @ 3:54 pm

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