The Ebsteins Society Trustees

Here’s a little about those helping run The Ebsteins Society

Dr Caroline Clarke

Caroline (with help from Tim) started it off.  As mother of Florrie, diagnosed early with moderate Ebsteins Anomaly, Caroline wanted to find out more about the condition from the medical profession, patient groups, etc. but was disappointed by the general lack of knowledge.  She turned to the internet but was equally frustrated by the lack of information and dialogue available.  It was Caroline’s idea to do something about it, and so The Ebsteins Society began.

Caroline is a Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies at the University of the West of England and specialises in emotion at work,  change management, and identity. How does that make you feel ?

Dr Ed Feil

Ed is the boss….ermmm…  chair.  He’s a microbiologist at the University of Bath and one of those brainy but very modest types.  More than that he’s a Dad – of Emmeline who has Ebsteins Anomaly. Ed is married to Katy, of Pram Push fame, another fab supporter of The Ebsteins Society.

Dr Jayne Spink

Jayne has a degree in genetics from Sheffield University and PhD in genetics from Cambridge and is Director of Policy and Research at the Mutiple Sclerosis Society so brings a wealth of knowledge and considerable capability to The Ebsteins Society.

Dr Chris Watts

Oh no, more brains!  Chris works for Rothamsted Research, the well-known centre of excellence for science in support of sustainable land management and environmental impact.  We asked Chris (aka Crippy) why he got involved in The Ebsteins Society and he said

Why I got involve with – just two words: ‘For Florrie’.

Andrew Clarke

A financial management genius, Andrew is both a trustee and the Treasurer of the society where he deploys some of the commercial accumen he’s earned from the world of enterprise.  He’s been responsible for setting up the society with its articles and charitable tax status, as well as managing and reporting the accounts.  Andrew is one of those powerhouses of activity; always busy and travelling.

Tim Gibbs CEng CITP MBCS

Tim listened to Caroline’s idea, asked questions, listened more, asked more questions, eventually got the gist of what Caroline wanted, and then set up the website. Tim puts loads of letters after his name to make himself feel more like the other (brainy) trustees.  Caroline’s writing a case study on Tim.


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