Tricuspid Valve Repair for Ebstein’s Anomaly in Young Children: A 30-Year Experience an article by Boston, Dearani, O’Leary, Driscoll and Danielson published in 2006 looks at repairs over the last 30 years and charts the (increasingly good) outcomes of those with this disease. This is a particularly encouraging paper to read for those who are parents of young children with this disease. Two quotations which are particularly noteworthy are:

“recent improvements in neonatal management and surgery have yielded encouraging results in our institution and elsewhere” (p.694),


“we conclude that young children can now be repaired with low mortality and good long term durability” (p.694)

This paper is reproduced here with kind permission of the Mayo clinic and its authors.

An informative paper on ‘Cone Reconstruction of the Tricuspid valve for Ebstein’s Anomaly: Anatomic Repair’, (2008), (part one) and (part two) written by Joseph A. Dearani, MD, Emile Bacha, MD, and José Pedro da Silva, MD which gives a fascinating insight into a recently developed technique for surgical repair of the tricuspid valve.  This paper shows in some detail the method of performing this particular surgical technique.

This paper is reproduced here with the kind permission of the Mayo clinic and its authors.

Related to the paper about the cone technique is this interesting and encouraging “The cone reconstruction of the tricuspid valve in Ebstein’s anomaly. The operation: early and midterm results” which follows those who have had this innovative surgery.

Dr Jose Pedro da Silva

Dr Jose Pedro da Silva

This paper is reproduced here with the kind permission of the Dr José Pedro da Silva.

There is also an informative paper on the historical success of surgical intervention in The outcomes of operations for 539 patients with Ebstein Anomaly written by Morgan L Brown et al.

Dr George E Sarris et al from the European Congenital Heart Surgeons Association have published a paper entitled Results of surgery for Ebstein anomaly that describes the outcome for 150 Ebstein’s patients.

Here are Illustrations of da Silvas cone procedure compiled by Massimo Caputo.