The Ebsteins Society desperately needs funds to help tackle the condition. Please help us – this page shows you how.

How YOU can raise funds
Every penny raised will go to help our objectives and we’ve listed a number of ways you can help us below.  If you have other ideas please let us know.

  • Ask for an Ebsteins donation instead of a Christmas or birthday present. We use to help us with your charitable donations.
  • Do a sponsored fundraiser, asking your children/friends/relations to be involved.  Stuck for ideas? – choose from one of our suggestions below.  We’ve also created a  Sponsorship and Gift Aid form to help.
  1. Three-legged walk
  2. Pram push
  3. Abseil
  4. Cycle
  5. Swim
  6. One of the BUPA Great Runs
  7. Walk
  8. Shave/Haircut
  • Sell Ebsteins bracelets.  We can provide you with colourful Ebsteins silicon rubber bracelets at £45 per 50;  Sell them to your friends and family and post the profits on the donations board telling us what you’ve done.  Contact us to buy bracelets.
  • Organise a Bring and buy sale
  • Have an Auction of promises party
  • Ask for donations from businesses you know.  If we receive more than £500 from a business we will add their logo to our sponsors page.
  • Involve your relations and friends.  Ask them for fun ways of raising money for the Ebsteins Society. Email your friends to ask them to donate.

DO IT NOW!  Thank you.

Why we need to raise money
It can be a devastating condition, although relatively rare.  That means there are still many things unknown about Ebsteins Anomaly.  We need to know more so that we can tackle the condition, including:

  • causality; are there underlying reasons for the condition?
  • how widespread is it (estimates vary widely at present) ?
  • what are the best interventions, and when should they be applied?
  • what are the implications for pregnancy, having children, etc?

There is strong competition to get medical funding and Ebsteins rarity means it is not prioritised. However, being a rare condition does not make it any less important – indeed, if you are reading this then you probably already have a very good reason to want to help those with Ebsteins.