I recently ran across a site that said that one of the symptoms of EA was coughing. My almost 11 month old son has had a cough ever since he was born and was just wondering if this was true. Or is it just a coincedence? Just interested to hear of others that may have the “cough”.

Hi all, we are in New Zealand and my 4 year old son has been recently diagnosed with mild EA. I am trying to learn all we can about this and find any others in a similar situation but as it appears to be so rare there aren’t many out there who I can talk to! Patrick is under supervision of the cardiologists here and he is coping quite well so far. But this is all so new and I spend an awful lot of time worrying about him. He can still run around fairly well but tires easily and I have to work hard to get enough food into him sometimes (unless is chocolate of course!). Anyway, just wondering if there are any others in NZ?