We’re pleased to announce that our first fund-raising event on 6th June 2009  “The Big Charity Barn Dance” raised just over £1600 !

The event was a lot of fun and enjoyed by all, and we hope to make this an annual event.  The funds from the barn dance will be used to send a surgeon and a cardiologist from Bristol Children’s hospital overseas to learn how to perform the surgical intervention called the ‘cone technique’, which currently is not available in most UK hospitals.

This is the first of many fund raising events, but we need you all to get invoved and do your own fund raising too.  We now need to raise some funds to do a studywhich will show exactly how many people in the UK have been  diagnosed with Ebstein’s, and which will start to look at some of the complex factors around these cases, so we can learn more about the condition.

£1600 is a great start, but please get involved and help with your own fundraising ideas. to help us raise more.  Alternatively, you can always contribute on our donations page.