ebsteins.org helps train heart surgeon in new Ebsteins technique

Learning the Cone Technique

Ebsteins.org has part funded leading Ebstein’s Anomaly heart surgeon Massimo Caputo to go to Brazil and spend 5 days with Dr Da Silva, the eminent cardiologist who pioneered the ‘cone surgery’ techniques (see here for [post=”1169″ text=”Illustrations of Da Silvas cone technique”]).  During the 5 days Massimo watched 5 different Ebstein’s operations, all very different and he looks forward to putting these into practice in the UK.

See more about [post=1098 text=”the Massimo trip”].

BBC Radio Bristol Highlights achievement of  Massimo Caputo and the Ebsteins Society

ES medical adviser Massimo Caputo and Ebsteins Society Supporter Elizabeth Smith talk to BBC Radio Bristol.  Elizabeth underwent a successful repair of her Ebsteins using the pioneering cone technique last year thanks to Dr Da Silva’s visit to the UK.  Tune in to hear Elizabeth talk about her experiences and how the surgery has transformed her life and to hear Massimo talk about how the technique is being disseminated to other surgical centers in the UK.