The Ebsteins Society desperately needs funds to help tackle the condition. Please help us – this page shows you how.

How YOU can raise funds
Every penny raised will go to help our objectives and we’ve listed a number of ways you can help us below.  If you have other ideas please [post=9 text=”let us know”].

  • Ask for an [post=826 text=”Ebsteins donation”] instead of a Christmas or birthday present. We use to help us with your charitable donations.
  • Do a sponsored fundraiser, asking your children/friends/relations to be involved.  Stuck for ideas? – choose from one of our suggestions below.  We’ve also created a  Sponsorship and Gift Aid form to help.
  1. Three-legged walk
  2. Pram push
  3. Abseil
  4. Cycle
  5. Swim
  6. One of the BUPA Great Runs
  7. Walk
  8. Shave/Haircut
  • Sell Ebsteins bracelets.  We can provide you with colourful Ebsteins silicon rubber bracelets at £45 per 50;  Sell them to your friends and family and post the profits on the donations board telling us what you’ve done.  Contact us to buy bracelets.
  • Organise a Bring and buy sale
  • Have an Auction of promises party
  • Ask for donations from businesses you know.  If we receive more than £500 from a business we will add their logo to our sponsors page.
  • Involve your relations and friends.  Ask them for fun ways of raising money for the Ebsteins Society. Email your friends to ask them to [post=826 text=”donate”].

DO IT NOW!  Thank you.

Why we need to raise money
It can be a devastating condition, although relatively rare.  That means there are still many things unknown about Ebsteins Anomaly.  We need to know more so that we can tackle the condition, including:

  • causality; are there underlying reasons for the condition?
  • how widespread is it (estimates vary widely at present) ?
  • what are the best interventions, and when should they be applied?
  • what are the implications for pregnancy, having children, etc?

There is strong competition to get medical funding and Ebsteins rarity means it is not prioritised. However, being a rare condition does not make it any less important – indeed, if you are reading this then you probably already have a very good reason to want to help those with Ebsteins.