The Ebsteins Society is a tax-exempt charity whose members are a community of those affected-by  or working-on Ebstein’s Anomaly, or their friends and family.  Founded by parents Caroline Clarke and Tim Gibbs in early 2009 with the support of consultants from Bristol Children’s Hospital the website aims to offer support, information, and interaction to help make progress in the understanding and treatment of this condition.

Caroline and daughter Florrie

Caroline and daughter Florrie

We value any input you can make: providing feedback to us; sharing your experiences via the forum; posting your research; helping to raise awareness for this condition; or helping to raise funds.

We are delighted for you to join our society which provides support and information for those with this condition.  It’s simple, and free.

However, we aim to do more than this, we are also committed to improving our understanding and treatment of this condition which means that we need to raise awareness and money to achieve this.  If you can help by spreading the word or raising money, or wish to donate then please [post=”459″ text=”get involved”].  Please also register for our newsletter to keep up-to-date with news and progress.


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