Medical advisors (Bristol Children's Hosp.): Dr Andrew Tometzki MB ChB, MRCP, FRCP Mr Massimo Caputo MD, Mch
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I hope that I have created the site that I wanted to find the day that my daughter Florrie was diagnosed with Ebsteins Anomaly.

Ebsteins Anomaly of the tricuspid valve is an extremely rare heart condition but its impact is significant to those affected.

The problems experienced by those with Ebsteins Anomaly are made worse because most people know nothing about the condition, and are unlikely to know anyone else who has Ebsteins Anomaly.

I hope the Ebsteins Society will change this

The Ebsteins Society has three aims:

  • To provide a place for all those affected-by or involved-in Ebsteins Anomaly to share information and exciting developments in research, and learn from the experiences of others.
  • To raise money to fund research  into Ebsteins Anomaly that will not otherwise be carried out.

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The Ebsteins Society has been set up for everyone affected by Ebsteins Anomaly, because we believe that by working together we’ll be better. Join us.

Please learn more about why The Ebsteins Society was set up.

Caroline Clarke